Kay McLane

Office Administrator

Introducing Kay McLane, our Office Administrator! Kay’s responsibilities are many; she answers the phone, handles correspondence, onboards all contractors, conducts background checks, ensures all client contact information is up-to-date, and keeps Dotty on point. The most rewarding part of her job is the camaraderie. “I enjoy the team both inside and outside the office,” she says. “We feel like a family.”

Kay grew up in Liberal, KS and went to college at the University of Mississippi. She’s made Memphis her home since 1979. Kay began her career in the corporate world before going into insurance. Her first contact with Summerfield was as a recruit for a temporary job for a client; she made such a great impression that she was later hired full time for the agency. “As someone recruited by Summerfield, I was extremely impressed at how experienced and professional they were,” she says. “I have worked with other temporary services but none compared to Summerfield.”

When she is not being Dotty’s right hand, Kay enjoys reading, walking her dog, and spending time with her grandchildren. 

Fun fact: Kay lives with her dog Sophie (very spoiled and loved) and cat Wyatt (a very feral boy who only tolerates the dog and Kay!). She has two grandchildren in Missouri that she visits as much as possible; luckily she has one grandson in Memphis whom she sees every Thursday.