Total Quality Management

Summerfield associates is committed to a total quality management program. The following ensures success to all parties involved in the search process.

Candidate Relationship

  • Candidate will provide complete, factual, and verifiable information to us.
  • Candidate will convey their goals and plans for career development to us.
  • Candidate will communicate openly and with candor regarding career move.
  • Candidate is actively involved and thoroughly prepared for the interview process.
  • Candidate is encouraged to communicate any thoughts and concerns during the interview process, especially during the final decision phase.

Client Relationship
Company will give complete information about job or assignment including all pertinent information relative to the search:

  • Department heads involved.
  • Reason position is available.
  • Opportunities for future advancement.
  • Complete benefit information.
  • Company information (i.e. long-range plans).
  • Additional Blueprint information.

Company will ensure that those involved in the hiring decision agree on the position responsibilities and necessary qualifications that a candidate should possess.

Company agrees that complete and accurate information is the cornerstone of a Total Quality Program.

Company will keep set appointments and provide feedback on all communications with candidate at each of the following:

  • Resume submission.
  • Telephone Interview.
  • Personal Interview.
  • Offer.

In order to enhance the search process, Company will take into consideration suggestions of the Consultant regarding information or needs of the candidate.

At the completion of the search, Company will provide suggestions for the continued improvement of our Total Quality Program.