How We Work

Our approach is straightforward, candid and professional. We use a “team” approach when working on an assignment, a unique “Blueprint” process to clearly identify client requirements and a Quality Program that encompasses the Client Company, the Candidate, and Summerfield Associates, Inc. If possible, we like to make an on-site visit and meet with the hiring team to complete the blueprint, which involves an extensive set of questions about the position, environment, company philosophy and management style. A team of recruiters then evaluates the search and the blueprint is sent to the company for any changes and signature approval. This blueprint is instrumental in qualifying candidates and has helped us achieve an interview to placement ratio of 4:1, far below the national average. On all searches, one or more members of the team functions in a research capacity, supporting a well mapped-out recruiting plan.

All searches are “ranked” according to a “Criteria For Rating Search Assignment”. Our success with filling search assignments with a ranking of over 80 points is over 85%. It is critical for our staff to have a good working relationship with the company, including access to the hiring managers, in order to be successful with new or existing clients.

Our office uses a shared internal database of over 5000 companies and 10,000 candidates, with resumes that have been scanned and are easily searchable. Part of EVERY day is spent updating information on existing clients and candidates, seeking qualified referrals, as well as sourcing for new information on companies we have specifically targeted. We maintain a well-equipped library of reference materials and directories, which we utilize to constantly source and enlarge our circle of contacts. Placement Offices, Deans or Departments Heads at Colleges and Universities with national reputations in specific fields or are known to teach certain disciplines are excellent sources for our searches. We subscribe to national publications specific to our industries and maintain contact with local, regional, and national associations when sourcing for specific skills, i.e., ASTD for training, NAPM for purchasing, etc. As active members of the Greater Memphis Chamber, we served on a two-year task force for the Telecommunications and Information Services industries. We survey our client companies yearly and are able to supply both our clients and national vendors with local salary survey and position information. Our staff has been fully trained in “Behavioral Interviewing”, is well trained on all legal matters pertaining to employment practices, and attends local, regional and national training meetings in addition to weekly in-house sessions.

We currently measure Customer Satisfaction, Search Order to Placement ratio, Candidate Submission to Interview ratio, Interview to Placement ratio, Search Order fill completion percentages. In all areas, we maintain consistent percentages that are well below the national averages for our industry.

The average cycle time between receiving an assignment and providing multiple candidates is 24 to 72 hours for most searches. The shortest “fill” was seven (7) hours from beginning of search to offer and acceptance, for an Information Systems Project Leader. We are able to fill most requirements within 60 days.

We provide monthly reports to our client companies if we are under a retained search agreement.