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    We provide a variety of recruitment services.

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    Our approach is straightforward, candid and professional.

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    Summerfield associates is committed to a total quality management program.

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    We use a “team” approach when working on an assignment.

Welcome to Summerfield Associates

Summerfield Associates, Inc. is an award winning and nationally recognized leader in the consulting, recruiting, and staffing industry. Formed in July of 1989 as a Tennessee corporation duly chartered to perform as a professional recruiting and personnel services consulting firm, we operate to serve employer clients throughout the country.

Choose a format that works for you: There is a right way and a wrong way to set up your resume. Choose either a Chronological Form or a Functional Form

Set the right tone: Emphasize the positive, sell your strengths, highlight your accomplishments, and tell what you’ve achieved in addition to listing your duties.

Avoid wordiness: Use familiar terms, use key words and phrases instead of complete sentences, do not use the pronoun “I”, be direct, and use action verbs.

Be honest!

Keep your resume to one or two pages: A resume is only a summary, not an autobiography.

Proofread it carefully: Check spelling and punctuation, grammar and word usage.

Keep personal data to a minimum, or better yet, omit it entirely.

Do not list reasons for leaving references: If an employer needs that information, they’ll ask you when you are interviewed.

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